Avril nyambura dating


During her second year at Uo N, she changed her mind about music and recorded her first single (“Mama”) after signing a record deal with Ogopa DJ’s.Avril began to gain prominence following her collaboration with A. Avril made her acting debut in the second season of the television soap opera, Shuga.In 2005, Avril Nyambura took part in the Jaza Lorry initiative and met talent manager Emmanuel Banda of Ogopa Deejays Production.


The sultry singer admitted that marriage had been a subject but nothing concrete as yet.Besides I do not understand why people choose to be agitated Kenyan women dating or getting married to foreigners.” Have you ever been stalked – your most weird encounter? But there is this one incident when a car kept following me into town and before I knew it a young girl aged about 7, who was with her mother kept on shouting my name and even requested that I cut a strand of my hair and give it to her as a souvenir. According to reports, Avril and Muga stopped dating after the latter was treated to a break up trip to Dubai.With time got deeper to the point of having chemistry- owing to his intelligence.


The moment he came to Kenya to pay me a visit I was fascinated by him.

Get tested know your status remember a positive result is not a death sentence but an opportunity to live healthier and enjoy life positively.” , in 2015, Avril revealed that the cultural differences between her and her lover were the main reason she had not walked down the aisle with him.



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