Auditing and validating asset liability management models

The asset or assets whose credit risk is transferred.This may be a loan, security or other obligation, or a basket containing obligations of a single borrower or several borrowers that are named in the credit derivative contract.Normally, no principal exchanges are involved, and the differences between the contracted rate and the prevailing rate is settled in cash.Terms that are used interchangeably when describing the counterparty who is providing the protection against a potential default or taking on the risk of an asset they do not own by agreeing to make payment upon a credit event.

For example, the requirement might be set according to observed price changes over the past five years.Financial instruments include both primary financial instruments (or cash instruments) and derivative financial instruments.A financial asset is any asset that is cash, the right to receive cash or another financial asset; or the contractual right to exchange financial assets on potentially favourable terms, or an equity instrument.The position that the institution is attempting to hedge is referred to as the underlying asset.


Securities which do not make periodic interest payments and are redeemed at face value at a specified maturity date.

For the present banks may adopt approaches that capitalise different risks differently (eg via an add-on approach), provided that this can be undertaken conservatively and it does not undermine the strength of risk management.


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