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Guest contestants are taken from the following series: Contestants for Season 1 are characters exclusively from Total Drama, and the contestants for Season 2 are new characters exclusively from Total Drama: Revenge of the Island even though Izzy also appeared, and was not a contestant during TDROTI even though she made a cameo appearance.


A similar situation occurs in Skatoony Arabia where guest contestants were taken from the animated series, Freej instead.The children get the green, pink and blue squares (occasionally they get purple, red and yellow squares), and the cartoon contestants get the red, yellow and purple.The guest contestants take the place of a cartoon character from the UK version.The North American version of Skatoony is filmed in Toronto, while the French version is filmed in Montreal with a different set of contestants; however, the outcome of the animated contestants remains the same between both versions.

Jonathan Wilson voices Chudd Chudders while James Rankin provides the voice of The Earl, and new addition to the North American release, a NA replacement for Skatoony boss Tony Eagle-Eyes (also voiced by Mac Leod) named Charles La Puck, which is voiced by Jeff Lumby.With the exception of Skatoony North America, all non-English language Skatoony releases uses animation footage from the original British version, which is why Tony Eagle Eyes are the hosts' boss instead of Charles La Puck.


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