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To pay your property taxes with your Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express, or by E-Check, simply visit the Assessor-Treasurer's online parcel search or call our automated telephone system at (253) 798-3333 and have your parcel number ready.

Enter your parcel number and follow the instructions for credit card or E-Check payments.

Your name will appear in the foreclosure publication of delinquent taxes in the Legal Notices of the official county paper in mid-September.

The office sends out a tax statement to the last known address of the taxpayer each February.

(RCW ) Although you may refuse private access to your property, you may not deny access to the Assessor-Treasurer or his employees.

You may confirm the credentials of any employee seeking access to your property by calling the Assessor-Treasurer's Office at (253) 798-6111.


It is also advisable to confirm your mailing address in the event you find it necessary to request a statement.Beginning May 1, interest at 1% per month will be charged against the full year tax owing.In addition to the interest, on June 1, a 3% penalty will be charged against the full year tax owing and on December 1, another 8% penalty will be charged against the full year tax.If you have made arrangements with a mortgage company to pay taxes for you and if the mortgage company requests your tax statement, the Assessor-Treasurer's office will send it to them as a courtesy, but the responsibility for payment is always yours.

The 2017 auction will be held online with Bid4Assets facilitating the auction.

You may still pay the first half payment of a Real Property tax plus interest and penalties up through the October 31, second-half tax payment deadline.


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