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(2002), 123,053 hl (2003), 127,700 hl (2004) Pale lager - lek.7-10 days primary fermentation, 30 days lagering, 7 days fermenting in the bottle.I suspect there was then around a 300 year gap, before this lot started up.Has, if anything, improved since the brewery renovation in the mid-1980's.A bit home-brewy, but will probably get knocked into shape with pratice.Tel: 038 - 0711426 Fax: 038 - 0711225 Email: [email protected], [email protected]: 1570 Annual production: 61,000 hl (2001), 47,000 hl (2002), 39,000 hl (2003), 45,565 hl (2004) Brewpub and hotel in a building which was used for brewing as far back as 1662.We use cookies on this website, mainly to provide a secure browsing experience but also to collect statistics on how the website is used.



Tel: 569 495 111 Fax: 569 428 675 Email: [email protected]: 1834 Annual production: 167,000 hl.294 15 Klter Hradit nad Jizerou Tel: 0326 - 771 421 Fax: 0326 - 771 226 Email: [email protected]: Founded: 1570 (1864) Annual production: 120,000 hl.(1999), 76,778 hl (2003), 75,000 hl (2004) Strahovsk ndvo 302/10, 118 00 Praha 1.Near black colour with a fine-beaded tan head; roast, chocolate and cream aroma; sweetish/bitterish taste with black chocolate, liquorice, toffee, cream and resin aromas; bitter finish with coffee, roast, toffee, pepper and burnt aromas.


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