Adult chat room ipads


My normal wavy dark brown hair had been shaved back; not by choice, people pay weirdly good money for hair. I don't know why I was at my old high school or where the fuck Ax had gone.

It was strange that its fall and I'm in Ohio, I'm not cold. We were on I-70 when Ax decided to exit it, yelling at me about his super plan.

It keeps you from craving the real shit but doesn't give you the rush. Full honesty, I've been a bit of a fuck up since forever. My dad died when I was young, but that's probably not the reason why I like to self-destruct.

Hiding in Ax's disgusting bathroom, I turned my skin paler than usual, blackened my eyes, glues prosthetics to my cheeks and smeared fake blood around my mouth. I looked at myself in the window reflection, I don't think I look good.

I really should be thankful that he's letting me experience the Dayton life rent-free, but I'd never let that fucker know it. I reached for a slice of pizza from the box on the counter.


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