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Clicking on the “Network” icon takes you here where you configure the IP address just as you would a network camera.

For remote access outside your network you’ll have to configure port forwarding for this address and port.

Selecting “Remote Devices” is where you go to configure the cameras.

You can click IP search to find them automatically.

They also make 8 (NVR3208) and 16 (NVR3216) channel versions priced 9 and 9 respectively.


If you want to export the video so you can watch it on your PC for example, stick a USB stick or USB drive in the front USB port on the right side of the NVR and check the boxes of the videos you want to save.

This is the live view, what you see after you have the cameras set up.

In this case, I have 4 cameras setup, the NVR was a 4 channel model, hence a view of the 4 cameras in a grid.

WEB BROWSER INTERFACE If you wish to operate the NVR remotely from a PC using a browser, go to the IP address and port you specified in the Network settings and it should pop up.


Click the Open All button to load the cameras on the grid and this is what it would look like with 4 cameras – Selecting a single camera view from the choices below allows you see one camera at a time if you prefer the larger view You can also configure the NVR from the web interface but I find the interface on the NVR easier to use.It was fairly easy to set up, the menus are responsive and the interface is intuitive. Has HDMI output so it can be used with a large screen TV or on a computer monitor using the VGA connector. Had 4 cameras plugged in, 2 of them 1080P cameras, 2 were 1.3MP cameras, all actively recording and the menus were very responsive.



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