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In my last post, I talked about credit cards issued by Comenity, one of the two major retailer credit card issuers.The other one is Synchrony Bank, which you may remember as GE Capital, or possibly as GE Money.With Comenity, on the other hand, my first card had a five-figure line, and my second one was mid-four figures.Which is to say, manufactured spending and/or large purchases may be more difficult with this bank.And recently I got a nice 5X promo for groceries, gas stations, dining, and Costco.

It can be nice to have an extra no-annual-fee Amex or two for things like Small Business Saturday.

A few months ago I received an offer for 200 points (i.e.

worth of gift certificates) per purchase on the card, capped at 5,000 points. A couple of days ago I received an offer for when swiping my card anywhere outside of the Gap brands stores.

One other thing: rewards certificates expire pretty quickly with this thing. If you’d like to know more, Doctor of Credit wrote it up here, as did Maximizing Money here. I have no idea if any of those stores have gift card racks. Both offer 3 points per dollar spent on gas & restaurants, 2 points per dollar on e Bay and Pay Pal transactions, and 1 point per dollar on everything else.

I recently received a rewards certificate (I have no idea why, by the way, as I have no recollection of using the card recently, though frankly my memory tends to suck for the first year of each of our children’s lives) and it expires soon. The redemption options look like you’ll get less than a penny per cent, however, which is what this guy says as well. Here’s one that doesn’t get much attention as it should since it offers 5% back on gas purchases (up to ,000 per year) with no annual fee. Note that there is a business version of this card as well as a personal.Hopefully they can settle on a name and be done with it.



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