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This is where I would be expected to get in to a big rant about how he’s wrong, which I do believe he is, though I do see where he’s coming from as well. Related posts: Arranged marriages Vs free choice – a brief note from India There’s an article out on the Guardian website about older women and the online dating industry.

I occasionally get asked about this and it saddens me to say that yes, women in their 40s, 50s and 60s do suffer online, as men are often looking for younger women. Related posts: A great and inspiring article about women and sex over 50More women are marrying men who earn less than they do Women rule the net!

Best Adult Dating Sites More Info from Adult Friend Finder Adult Friend Finder – This is the largest adult dating site with something for literally everyone.


They used a profile on the site to recruit new supporters and assess how many people were willing to join in on actions. Related posts: Dating – don’t just keep it online I’m sure most of us know by now that online dating is full of scammers.I thought I’d write a post about it to give a clearer idea, though obviously these things are pretty individual.There’s generally no one size fits all solution when ...Related posts: Christian mobile dating app released by Christian Cafe Mobile phone dating Compare the biggest online dating sites in the UK Reports say that a site full of bachelor policemen has become the most popular Weibo microblog in China.

More than 2000 fans follow the online initiative started by Wuhou public security bureau in the province of Chengdu of Sichuan.I’ve written quite extensively on this blog about such scammers, especially the seemingly very common, Iraq or Afghanistan soldier online dating scam.



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